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Back Quiz

Are you holding back from taking charge of your back pain? Take the quiz and find out.*

  • Do you experience recurring back pain that comes and goes every month or so?
  • Do you experience daily or weekly back pain?
  • Do you miss out on sports or physical activities as a result of back pain?
  • Do you believe there is no effective treatment for back pain?
  • Are you concerned that treatment for back pain might not be covered by your benefits plan or provincial health plan?
  • Have you taken pain relievers for more than three days in a row to treat back pain?
  • Are you worried about what a diagnosis might mean if you visit a health professional?
  • Do you hope your back pain will go away on its own?
  • Are you too busy to seek treatment for your back pain?
  • Do you just "tough it out" when you experience back pain?
For a proper assessment, please answer every question.
If you answered "yes" to four or more of the questions or "yes" to questions nine or 10, you are probably avoiding dealing with back pain that is limiting your life. Back pain can be treated. Stop holding back and talk to a chiropractor.
* This is not a clinical diagnostic tool. Consult a chiropractor for a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment advice.
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