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CCA congratulates RCCSS 2020 award winners

Monday, November 16, 2020

The CCA is proud to partner with organizations leading the charge to inform evidence-based care for Canadians. This year’s RCCSS winners are leading innovative research and knowledge to advance the profession and ensure chiropractic patients can live healthy, active lives. Read more about each project below. Dr. Melissa Belchos –An international Delphi study to identify sports chiropractic global research priorities Sheryn Posen Research Funding Grant Award To date, there is no research agenda published for the sports chiropractic field from any country in the world. Research agendas have been developed for the chiropractic profession; however, they have not addressed the specific research needs of sports chiropractors. Dr. Belchos and her team will determine the added value of a 3D-MOT protocol in adults to establish concussion diagnosis and recovery. They will recruit 200 athletes in pre-season to complete an initial concussion assessment (ImPACT, VOMS, reaction time, self-efficacy questionnaire) and a 3D-MOT session. Following a concussion, injured athletes will be evaluated during five additional 3D-MOT sessions after which the initial assessment will be repeated. As a comparison, a healthy control group from the same population will follow the same process. Dr. Alexandre Deschamps – Perceptual-cognitive capacity as a determinant of clinical recovery in athletes’ post-concussion Dr. John…

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Ensuring the Canadian government hears the voice of chiropractors

Monday, November 16, 2020

Pictured above: Dr. Jaipaul Jarmar (left) and Dr. Alex Louder (right) with Taleeb Noormohamed, 2019 Liberal MP candidate for Vancouver-Granville Building recognition to showcase value Who speaks for the chiropractic profession to the Canadian government, federal political parties and the private health insurance industry? The Canadian Chiropractic Association works year-round to make the profession’s voice

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Canadian Chiropractic Association helping class of 2020 graduates

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

When COVID-19 shut down Canada and the world in early 2020, chiropractic students set to graduate suddenly faced unique challenges, the largest being their inability to get licenses until December 2020 at the earliest. For Junmo Lee, a 2020 Canadian Memorial Chiropractic graduate, this has been a year of uncertainty. “We lost the last two

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An inside look at the CCA with Dr. Ayla Azad

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Dr. Ayla Azad has been a CCA member since 1999. In April 2020, she joined the association as its Director of Professional Practice. In this role, she brings her clinical, research and teaching experience to inform programs and strategies that will best support chiropractors across Canada. We asked her what she has learned about the

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