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5 stretches and exercises for better posture

How many hours a day do you spend looking at a screen with your head tilted forward? Think about it. Chances are if you own a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you’ve spent hours viewing these devices. Other instances where you might tilt your head forward include watching television, driving and even reading

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From nurse to chiropractor – to pandemic nurse

From nurse to chiropractor – to pandemic nurse Montreal chiropractor Dr. Viet Nguyen graduated from nursing school in 1997 but could never have imagined using those skills 23 years later during a global pandemic. Dr. Nguyen’s chiropractic journey started during a nursing placement in a pain clinic where he prepared medications and solutions to inject

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Member spotlight: Dr. Cassandra Laleye

On Tuesday, June 2, companies, organizations and people around the world shared images of black screens on social media with #BlackoutTuesday to reflect on racism and police brutality. The CCA posted on Instagram. But we didn’t expect what happened next: One of our members, a Black chiropractor, urged us to do more. Dr. Cassandra Laleye

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Four exercises to avoid if you have back pain – and what to do instead

Physical activity is a great way to prevent and treat back pain – but did you know that some exercises can do more harm than good? To avoid putting too much strain on the joints, ligaments, and muscles in your back, here is a list of exercises to avoid, as well as some alternatives. Talk

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Tibialis anterior herniation – a rare clinical entity: a case report and review of the literature

Objectives: To present a case of a tibialis anterior muscle herniation in a soccer player. Clinical features: A 28-year-old male soccer player presented with a trauma-induced injury to his right anterior shin. After assessment and due to his clinical signs and symptoms, a high suspicion of tibialis anterior muscle herniation was suspected. Intervention and outcomes:

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