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Our History

The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) celebrated the beginning of its 60th year on December 10, 2013. In 1953, an initial grouping of eight representative regions (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Atlantic Provinces East (Nova Scotia/Newfoundland and Labrador), Atlantic Province West (New Brunswick/PEI), Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan) resolved to form a National Chiropractic Association. Today all 10 provinces are divisions of the CCA.

Incredible work has been accomplished over the years by the chiropractic profession. Learn more about the advancements that have been made by reviewing the Quick Links provided in this section.

The CCA embraces that life is a dynamic process and that people, cultures, and organizations must change and adapt to external and internal forces to remain relevant. As part of this process, the CCA conducted a thorough environmental scan as context for the discussions about our future plans.

The CCA began an organizational transformation in 2012 resulting in a New Vision – A chiropractor on the health team of every Canadian – by 2023, which is guided by our mission, values and strategies. The new vision is informed by the research that we undertook to gain insight into the healthcare choices of Canadians and where chiropractic sat on that continuum. In addition, the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions as being the second highest reason cited by the World Health Organization for workplace disability claims also informed our view that much work needed to be done to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining musculoskeletal health in the Canadian population.

Since 1998, the national and provincial associations have shared a common logo and part of this transformation at the national association was to develop a new visual identity to assist efforts to have chiropractors be recognized as Canada’s spine, muscle and nervous system experts.

Inspiration for the “New Brand Experience”

The new CCA corporate logo was chosen by the Canadian public. We conducted two nationwide focus groups to review and select from a number of logos. This is the logo that resonated most– as a quick snapshot of the profession, the bold spine image was found to be effective and to the point.


Transitioning a Brand

As with any transition, we are building on the work of the past. You will still see the following ‘chiropractic’ logos on websites, endorsed products, brochures and so on. These logos still represent the profession. Over time, new products and services will continue to evolve under our new brand.

Old logo for British Columbia chiropractic association Logo for Alberta College and Association of Chiropractic Saskatchewan_colour-[Converted] Logo for Manitoba chiropractic association Old logo for Ontario chiropractic association
 Old logo for Association de chiropraticiens du Quebec Old logo for New Brunswick chiropractic association Old logo for Nova Scotia chiropractic association Old logo for Prince Edward Island chiropractic association Old logo for Newfoundland and Labrador chiropractic association

We believe in our vision and the impact it will have on improving the health of Canadians. It has become the CCA’s driving force behind all that we do. Every action, every strategy, every deliverable is anchored by our belief that by 2023, chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadian’s healthcare team.

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