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13 ways to turn spring cleaning into a workout - CCA

13 ways to turn spring cleaning into a workout

When spring rolls around, the warmer weather and increased sunshine are big mood boosters. As a result, many of us try to reset our living space and start our annual spring cleaning routine. It doesn’t have to be a chore, though. Whether you’re a fan of Marie Kondo’s minimalism or good old-fashioned seasonal elbow grease,

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9 tips to “sneak it in” this week - CCA

9 tips to “sneak it in” this week

The week of April 4–8 is ParticipACTION’s Sneak It In Week. It’s a reminder to Canadians to find small opportunities to sneak-in a little more activity throughout the day. It’s become increasingly common in Canadian workplaces to spend more time sitting in front of a computer, including eating lunches at our desks. The average Canadian

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6 fast facts about nutrition labels - CCA

6 fast facts about nutrition labels

Food and nutrition labels on food are packed with helpful information. Often they’re our go-to source for calorie, fat, and carbohydrate information, but they have a whole lot more to communicate to consumers. Here are some fast facts about what information you can find on food labels, and what it really means: All ingredients lists

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How water fuels athletes - CCA

How water fuels athletes

We all know that water makes up most of our body weight and is essential for life. We don’t just get water from drinking, it also comes from the food we eat.1 Water is a vital nutrient: it transports other nutrients throughout the body and exchanges wastes. It also helps to regulate body temperature, lubricate

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Importance of sleep - CCA

Importance of sleep

We know that physical activity and a good diet go hand in hand when it comes to our health. We also understand the importance of personal hygiene practices, like brushing our teeth and bathing. But do we place a similar emphasis on our sleeping patterns? Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a person’s health

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