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How water fuels athletes - CCA

How water fuels athletes

We all know that water makes up most of our body weight and is essential for life. We don’t just get water from drinking, it also comes from the food we eat.1 Water is a vital nutrient: it transports other nutrients throughout the body and exchanges wastes. It also helps to regulate body temperature, lubricate

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Importance of sleep - CCA

Importance of sleep

We know that physical activity and a good diet go hand in hand when it comes to our health. We also understand the importance of personal hygiene practices, like brushing our teeth and bathing. But do we place a similar emphasis on our sleeping patterns? Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a person’s health

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3 vital nutrients for women’s health - CCA

3 vital nutrients for women’s health

With many different kinds of supplements out there, it’s often very difficult to know which one to take. We all strive to have healthy lifestyles and improve our overall well-being by balancing our diets and physical activities. In honour of Women’s Health Month, here are certain nutrients that women should consider adding to their diets:

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Enhancing circulation through exercise - CCA

Enhancing circulation through exercise

Your cardiovascular system works constantly to keep your body functioning.  The heart pumps blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients to tissues throughout the body. After a good workout, not only will your muscles thank you, but so will your entire cardiovascular system including your heart. Physical exercise has been shown to have a strong effect

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5 tips to control your anger and help your heart - CCA

5 tips to control your anger and help your heart

Anger is a strong emotion, and it can take a toll on your body. Not only does it raise your heart rate, hostility and anger have been linked in recent research to heart disease.1,2,3 How are they related? A theory is that similar to other forms of stress, anger triggers a surge in adrenaline. This

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