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CCA Membership Application (New Graduate)

If you plan to practice in Ontario or Quebec, please contact the provincial association to sign up with the CCA. For any other provinces, please continue with the form below.

In 2020, the CCA restructured its dues categories. We realized that there was more that could be done to support new graduates as they enter the chiropractic profession. Beginning with 2020 graduates, CCA membership dues will now be complimentary until the 31st of December following the year of graduation.

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Our Member Benefit

Lady showing backborne to a child
As a member of the CCA, you are entitled to benefits and resources geared to provide you with professional and personal support:

  1. Professional liability insurance offered by the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association
  2. Complimentary access to the Research, Reviews, Seminars Education portal, the Cochrane Library, the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, and BACK Matters magazine (a combined savings of more than $500)
  3. Group Insurance benefits for you, your staff, and your family for all aspects of your personal (health, home, and auto) and your professional (clinic) life
  4. Member-only savings and benefits such as Moneris, Goodlife Fitness, Perkopolis, Yellow Pages, and more
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