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Chiro Changes Pain Digital Toolkit

Our Brand Story

For the first time, associations across the country came together and developed a consistent brand for the profession that effectively communicates our value to Canadians and the healthcare system. We have worked nationally with our provincial partners to develop and support national brand positioning from the perspective of patients. Creating and establishing a consistent brand for the profession represents an incredible effort on behalf of all those who took part. To help demonstrate the impact of having this Brand Position, we want to share with you our first brand story video. We are so excited to deliver a clear message that resonates with Canadians, clarifying, what we do, why we do it, and how we change lives.

Watch the video now!


Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain

The purpose of the social media campaign ‘Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain’ is to showcase different perspectives of those impacted by chiropractic care. By sharing compelling stories of the burden of spine, muscle, and nervous system conditions on Canadians and the effort that chiropractors give to treat their patients, we hope to evoke an emotional reaction from the public.


We would encourage you to share this campaign with your patients and suggest that they submit their story about how chiropractic care changed their pain!

Requirements for submission:

1) Short story or quote in 50–180 words (maximum)

2) A high-resolution photo to accompany your story/quote

3) Author’s name and contact information

4) Submission of the story/quote to

We have provided a number of resources below to help you participate in our campaign and contribute to our public message. There are various downloadable posters, brochures, and images that can be posted on your social media platforms, your website or around your clinic to encourage your patients to submit their own stories.

This is a project that we will continue to build year-round!

NEW! Campaign Hashtag: #chirochangespain

Hashtags are an important part of the World Spine Day campaign. They provide a better way to unite public participation and engagement. #Chirochangespain will be the main hashtag our social media campaign is built around.

Below are other hashtags to be used as part of the campaign.






Tips for hashtags: Do not compromise the intent of the tweet. Always ensure your message is clear then incorporate hashtags only if they fit.

Sample tweets and posts

The following are suggested tweets and posts you can use on your social media platforms to share the campaign.

Statistics to support World Spine Day

Here are some statistics you can share with the public about the importance of body awareness and physical activity.

  • 45% of women and 37% of men spend less than 30 minutes a day up on their feet at work.
  • According to the National Health Services, it is recommended to exercise for 150 minutes a week.
  • Older adults, with poor mobility, should perform physical activity to enhance balance and prevent falls on 3 or more days per week.
  • 86% of Canadians agree that children and youth do not get enough physical activity.
  • Aerobic activity should be performed in bouts of at least a 10-minute duration.
  • More than 50% of people regularly eat lunch at their desk.

Branded Images for Social Media

Below are downloadable images that can be used on your social media platforms to support the Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain campaign, leading up to and post-World Spine Day. Whether you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, images can help support the content of a message. All files are in jpeg format. Right-click each image and ‘save image as’ a jpeg. Be sure to hyperlink these images to

fb_post5   fb_post55
fb_post7   fb_post6

Email Signature

Below is a downloadable email signature image. Add this image to your Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. email signature and support the Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain campaign, leading up to and post-World Spine Day. All files are in jpeg format. Be sure to hyperlink this image to


Website Banner

Below are downloadable website banners that can be used on your website throughout the duration of the campaign. Add this to your clinic website and support the Chiropractic Care Changed My Pain campaign, leading up to and post-World Spine Day. All files are in jpeg format. Right-click each banner and ‘save image as’ a jpeg. Be sure to hyperlink these images to


Sample email to engage your patients in the campaign

Click the email icon below to download a sample email template.

E-mail icon, vector illustration


Print an 8.5″ x 11″ version of the poster, or order a larger 18″ x 24″ version of the poster from Vista Print for just $30.00. Click either poster size below to download the print-ready PDF. Click here to visit the posters section of and upload the poster in your chosen size.

button_posters6    button_posters7

Additional Resources

NEW! Watch and share this video on low back pain and chiropractic, created by the OCA and reproduced by the CCA for use on your digital platforms.

Bone and Joint Decade WSD Toolkit
World Spine Day Planning Toolkit
Check out the Bone & Joint Decade’s WSD Planning Toolkit for more information and ideas of how to get support and promote WSD in your community.

Straighten Up Canada app
Available for FREE, download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World!
CCA Member resources are available to help you promote the Straighten Up Canada app. These include downloadable app cards, a poster and social media content.

It can be hard to find time in a busy day to focus on physical activity. Fit-in 15, is an easy and manageable way to start the habit of building 15 minutes of activity into your daily routine.

Member brochures
Available here. Download and print copies of our NEW Member brochures.

Back Care Tips
Share these tips with patients and prospective patients to use on the go, at play or at home.

Available here. Download and print copies of our infographics on chiropractic care and spine, muscle, and nervous system health.

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