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What is Chiropractium?

Chiropractium is the latest offering by the CCA to help engage and enhance members’ professional practice in three key areas that influence patient perceptions of chiropractic. Each section will aim to provide best practice content and resources on patient experience, practice management and evidence-informed practice. There is also a Member Experience section that will contain all resources and information members require.

Who will have access to Chiropractium?

All members of the CCA will have full access to the Chiropractium hybrid web app available through the web browser and through your Android and Apple Stores. The login credentials remain the same as Please email us at if you need assistance.

Do I have to create a username and password to log into Chiropractium?

No new login required. You may login using the same username and password you use to log into

How do I register to join Chiropractium?

Chiropractium is exclusive to CCA members. In order to join Chiropractium, you will first need to register on as a new member. Once you obtain your log in credentials and have received confirmation of CCA membership, please visit on web or download the App and enter your login credentials.

Existing CCA members are able to login using their membership credentials.

How much does the Chiropractium app cost?

The app is free.

What technology will I need to operate and use Chiropractium?

This platform will be available online through the web and as an app. There will be an Android and IOS version for download on the Apple and Google Stores.

How do I report a technical problem or provide any recommendations about the app?

You can email us at to report or provide any feedback about the app. Please remember to provide a detailed description about the issue, device used and the iOS on the device.

Will the information on be located on Chiropractium as well?

Selected articles from will be moved over to the Chiropractium app for easier access. However, all new content will be published only on the Chiropractium platform.

Will I be able to renew my membership on the Web App?

Yes, Renewals can now be processed directly through the Chiropractium App. This brings more ease and convenience to your renewal process. Be sure to sign up for Auto-Renewal feature for automatic renewals year over year. A receipt is sent to the email address on file.

If I have questions or concerns about Chiropractium, who do I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can either log into the platform or go to the “My Messages” section to send us a message or you can contact the Canadian Chiropractic Association directly at 1-877-222-9303. The CCA staff will be available to assist all inquiries from Monday – Friday between 9AM until 5PM EST. A response will be provided within 24-48 hours. All inquiries between Friday evening until Monday morning and during office closures will be responded at the earliest on the next working day.

What is the Patient Experience section all about?

Patient Experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the healthcare system and providers. Understanding the patient experience is a key step in moving toward patient-centred care by being responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.

What is included in the Practice Management section?

Practice Management encompasses a full range of resources to optimize or start a chiropractic practice off on the right foot with a focus on financial mastery, leadership, marketing, sales, planning, and more.

What information is contained in the Evidence Informed Practice section?

Evidence-informed Practice is aimed at delivering content and resources that support evidence-informed practice principles to help guild clinical decision making by integrating clinical experience, patient preferences and values, and the best available scientific evidence.

What will the Member Experience section contain?

Member Experience will incorporate all items around being a CCA member. Members will be able to access their membership status, events, update/manage their profile, access benefits, engage with the community and shop the store for Chiropractic merchandise.

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