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March 2004, Volume 48, No.1

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Report:A review of the literature pertaining to the efficacy, safety, educational requirements, uses and usage of mechanical adjusting devices Part 1 of 2

Nicole Arnold, BSc, DC
Lesley Biggs, PhD
Christopher Colloca, BS, DC
Dale Mierau, BSPE, DC, DCCS(C)
Bruce Symons, MSc, DC
Shane Taylor, DC* Chairman
John Triano, DC, PhD
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Report:The Canadian Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Federation of Chiropractic Regulatory Boards Clinical Practice Guidelines Development Initiative (The CCA/CFCRB-CPG) development, dissemination, implementation, evaluation, and revision (DevDIER) plan

Grayden Bridge, DC
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Ian Douglass Coulter, PhD CMCC’S adventurous president

Douglas Brown, DC
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The effect of low force chiropractic adjustments on body surface electromagnetic field

Brian Snyder, DC
Lori Vernor,
John Zhang, PhD, MD
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Assessing effects of a semi-customized experimental cervical pillow on symptomatic adults with chronic neck pain with and without headache

Parham Erfanian, DC
Rocco Guerriero, BSc, Dc, FCCS(C), CCRD
Siamak Tenzif, BSc, MSc
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The cost-effectiveness of a back education program for firefighters: a case study

Jill Hayden,
Peter Kim, BSc, DC, FCCS(C)
Silvano Mior, DC, FCCS(C)
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Acute onset-low back pain and hip pain secondary to metastatic prostate cancer: a case report

Shawn Henderson, BSc, DC, FCCRS(C), FCCO(C)
Natalia Lishchyna, BSc
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