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athletic injury

Osteochondral lesion of the distal tibial plafond in an adolescent soccer player: a case report

January 10, 2018

Introduction: Osteochondral lesions of the tibial plafond account for approximately 2.6% of osteochondral lesions in the ankle. There are few cases describing this lesion in the literature, with little information on mechanism of injury, history/physical findings or recommendations for management. Case Presentation: A 17-year-old male competitive soccer player presented with a 6-7 month history of

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Sports health care for elite high school basketball: pre-event planning and event coverage

July 07, 2014

This paper reports on the pre-event planning and event coverage for an elite level high school basketball exposure camp. Sixty-one (61) of the best male basketball athletes in Ontario were assembled for three days of intense training and games. This paper is not a study of the current literature data on type and/or frequency of

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Chiropractic treatment and the enhancement of sport performance: a narrative literature review

June 10, 2014

A literature search and narrative review was carried out with the intent of determining the current level of knowledge regarding the chiropractic treatment of athletes for the purpose of sport performance enhancement. Of the fi fty-nine relevant articles retrieved, only 7 articles of variable quality were obtained which specifi cally investigated/discussed chiropractic treatment and its

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