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back pain

Lung carcinoma presenting as mechanical back pain: a case report

July 14, 2014

The case describes a female patient with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung who initially presented with mechanical upper-back and neck pain. She had been successfully treated with spinal manipulation for a similar complaint one year earlier, a factor that decreased the suspicion of pathological process on her second presentation. Serious disease as the cause

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The effect of trochanteric support on low back strength: a pilot study

July 09, 2014

Study Design. An experiment was conducted regarding the effects of wearing a trochanteric support on patients with low back pain. Objective. To evaluate the effectiveness of a trochanteric support on the pain and strength parameters of patients with low back pain. Summary of Background Data. No study has examined the relationship between a trochanteric support

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Before-after study to determine the effectiveness of an adjustable wood frame-foam and wool mattress bed-system (The Natura Mattress System) in reducing chronic back pain in adults

July 08, 2014

Objective and Design: The purpose of this 6-week Before-After trial was to investigate the effectiveness of the Natura Mattress System in reducing back pain by >or = 1 unit on the 11-Point Pain Severity Scale (p< or = 0.05), in chronic low back pain sufferers. Subject Profile: The subjects were adults recruited from within and

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Lasers and their therapeutic applications in chiropractic

July 03, 2014

The purpose of this paper is to review some of the applications of laser therapy and its reported effects on tissue healing, pain relief and other effects. Several musculoskeletal and low back pain studies are highlighted to show the efficacy of laser therapy and its’ applicability as an adjunct to chiropractic treatment. Information is also

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A 14-year-old competitive, high-level athlete with unilateral low back pain: case report

May 23, 2014

Objective: To detail the presentation of a male adolescent competitive high-level soccer player with left sided low back pain that occurred while playing soccer. This case will outline the importance of early detection, risk of progression and management of active spondylolysis in adolescent athletes. Clinical Features: The patient initially presented to a chiropractic sport specialist

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