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case series

Taping protocol for two presentations of pregnancy-related back pain: a case series

September 06, 2019

Background: Back pain is common during pregnancy and can have an adverse impact on the quality of life for some, yet treatment options for this population are limited. We document a chiropractic treatment that involves using kinesiology tape (tape) to help alleviate pregnancy-related back pain in two patients. Case Presentation and Management: Two pregnant women

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Neck pain in children: a retrospective case series

September 09, 2016

Introduction: Spinal pain in the paediatric population is a significant health issue, with an increasing prevalence as they age. Paediatric patients attend for chiropractor care for spinal pain, yet, there is a paucity of quality evidence to guide the practitioner with respect to appropriate care planning. Methods: A retrospective chart review was used to describe

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