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Cervical disc calcification in children: a case report

August 13, 2014

A case of intervertebral disc calcification in a child is presented. This uncommon cause of neck pain and stiffness has a benign, self-limited course in the majority of cases. Although the presenting features are non-specific, it is important to differentiate disc calcification from disc infection. The clinical picture, radiographic signs, and differential diagnosis are discussed.

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Adolescent lumbar disc herniation in a Tae Kwon Do martial artist: a case report

July 04, 2014

Lumbar disc herniations are rare in children. The etiology and clinical picture may be different in children than in adults. Conservative management is the treatment of choice. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art which is notorious for its high fast kicks. Tae Kwon Do will be an official Olympic sport in the year

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The effects of aerobic physical activity on adiposity in school-aged children and youth: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

June 03, 2014

Context: The role of aerobic physical activity as a standalone treatment in decreasing adiposity in schoolaged children and youth has not been well established. Objective: To systematically search and assess the quality of the literature on the efficacy of aerobic physical activity to decrease adiposity in school-aged children and youth. Methods: An electronic search strategy

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