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Is there a role for neck manipulation in elderly falls prevention? – An overview

March 01, 2015

Many risk factors exist for falls in the elderly. Dizziness is an important risk factor for such falls. Spinal pain has also been identified as a risk factor for these falls. In this overview of the literature, we examine studies, including trials, of neck manipulation for neck pain, unsteadiness and falls risk relevant to the elderly. We also examine two related,

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Developing a community-based educational program for older persons

July 02, 2014

Chiropractic pedagogy is recognizing the importance of community-based education. This article describes the manner in which a series of community-based presentations were developed, specifically targeting the elderly. With support from both the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Ontario Chiropractic Association, presentations were developed that primarily addressed the three areas of greatest concern to older

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