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Correlation of thermography with spinal dysfunction: preliminary results

August 14, 2014

The results of a blinded pilot study researching the correlation of thermographic abnormalities and spinal segmental dysfunction are presented. The highest agreement resulted between focal increases in thermal emission and fixation (64.7%). Other parameters studied were tenderness and textural skin changes which agreed with thermographic findings 63.7% and 59.9%, respectively. Correlation coefficients were calculated for

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Interexaminer reliability of cervical motion palpation using continuous measures and rater confidence levels

May 21, 2014

Introduction: Motion palpators usually rate the movement of each spinal level palpated, and their reliability is assessed based upon discrete paired observations. We hypothesized that asking motion palpators to identify the most fixated cervical spinal level to allow calculating reliability at the group level might be a useful alternative approach. Methods: Three examiners palpated 29

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