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Conservative management of a case of tarsal tunnel syndrome

June 13, 2014

Objective: This case study was conducted to evaluate the treatment and management of a patient presenting with chronic foot pain, diagnosed as tarsal tunnel syndrome. Case: 61 year old female presenting with plantar and dorsal foot pain and burning sensation of 6 months duration. Treatment: Treatment was initiated using custom orthotics only for the fi

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Posterior tibialis tendonopathy in an adolescent soccer player: a case report

June 10, 2014

Objective: Detail the progress of an adolescent soccer player with right-sided chronic medial foot pain due to striking an opponent’s leg while kicking the ball. The patient underwent diagnostic ultrasound and a conservative treatment plan. Clinical Features: The most important features were hindfoot varus, forefoot abduction, flatfoot deformity, and inability to single leg heel raise

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Ganglion cyst of the foot treated with electroacupuncture: A case report

May 07, 2014

Objective: To present the clinical management of a ganglion cyst presenting on the dorsolateral aspect of the foot. Clinical Features: A 45-year-old female cyclist complaining of ganglion cyst following training period. Intervention and Outcome: Patient was treated with high-frequency electroacupuncture in four consecutive sessions over four weeks, and reported resolution of the cyst following therapeutic

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