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heart rate

Testing an association between baseline resting pulse rate averages and short-term changes in resting pulse rates: A pilot study

June 16, 2015

Introduction: Resting heart (pulse) rate (RPR) monitoring may be a useful neurological assessment tool in chiropractic practice. Lower RPR generally reflects a better level of fitness and health status than higher RPR. However, the clinical significance of short-term changes in RPR remains unknown. The purpose of this study was to take an initial step towards

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Association between heart rate variability and manual pulse rate

May 08, 2014

Introduction: One model for neurological assessment in chiropractic pertains to autonomic variability, tested commonly with heart rate variability (HRV). Since HRV may not be convenient to use on all patient visits, more user-friendly methods may help fill-in the gaps. Accordingly, this study tests the association between manual pulse rate and heart rate variability. The manual

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