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neck pain

Cervical spine osteoblastoma presenting as mechanical neck pain: a case report

July 14, 2014

Osteoblastoma is a benign bone-forming tumor that represents approximately 1% of all primary bone tumors. It occurs 40% of the time in the spine, most commonly in the posterior elements. The clinical presentation in this case is of chronic neck pain and stiffness. Although most lesions are well visualized on plain films, a bone scan

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Whiplash: a selective annotated bibliography

July 08, 2014

Objective: to review the literature on whiplash injury including an overview, collision mechanics, pathophysiology, neurobehavioral, imaging, treatment/management, prognosis, outcomes, and litigation. Design: an annotated bibliography. Methods: a literature search of MEDLINE from 1987 to 1995 and CHIROLARS from 1900 to 1996, with emphasis on the last ten years, was performed. Conference proceedings and the personal

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Neck pain and disability outcomes following chiropractic upper cervical care: a retrospective case series

June 19, 2014

Objective: To investigate the use of an upper cervical low-force (UCLF) chiropractic procedure, based on a vertebral alignment model, in the management of neck pain and disability by assessing the impact on valid patient outcome measures. Design: A retrospective case series. Methods: Consecutive patient files at a private chiropractic practice over a 1-year period were

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Conservative management of uncomplicated mechanical neck pain in a military aviator

June 13, 2014

Non-radicular neck pain arising from local musculoskeletal structures, known as mechanical neck pain or somatic dysfunction, is highly prevalent in the fi ghter jet aviator population. The management of this problem includes both therapeutic and aeromedical decisions. In addition to non-steroidal anti-infl ammatory medications, waiver guides recommend therapeutic exercise and manipulative therapy as treatments for

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Trigeminal neuralgia and chiropractic care: a case report

June 11, 2014

The following case describes a 68 year-old woman with a 7½ year history of worsening head and neck pain diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia following surgical resection of a brain tumor. After years of unsuccessful management with medication and physical therapies, a therapeutic trial of chiropractic was carried out. Chiropractic care included ultrasound, manual therapies (manipulation

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