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Effect of whole body vibration on cervical (neck) proprioception in young, healthy individuals serving as their own control: a pilot study

May 25, 2018

Objective: The objective of this pilot study is to determine the effects of whole body vibration on head repositioning accuracy. Methods: Twenty-one participants had a bicycle helmet with an attached laser pointer placed on their heads while standing on a vibration platform. After aligning the laser beam to their determined neutral position on wall-mounted chart

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Restriction of neck flexion using soft cervical collars: a preliminary study

July 31, 2014

This study investigates the use of dropped neck flexion as a manoeuvre to test the restrictive abilities of two different types of soft collars, an Airway soft cervical collar and a handmade cervical rough. The range of neck flexion of 40 asymptomatic subjects aged 20-29 was assessed, both with and without collar wear, using a

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