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Thalamic Pain Syndrome (Central Post-Stroke Pain) in a patient presenting with right upper limb pain: a case report

July 04, 2014

In the elderly, pain of a widespread nature can often be debilitating. It is not uncommon to attribute this widespread pain to osteoarthritis within the spinal column structures and peripheral joints or to other musculoskeletal etiology. However, chiropractors should remain wary regarding pain experienced by the elderly, especially if pain is widespread and exhibits neuropathic

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Pudendal nerve entrapment in an Ironman athlete: a case report

June 10, 2014

Objective: To present the diagnostic and clinical features of pudendal nerve entrapment and create awareness amongst clinicians of this rare and painful condition. Clinical Features: A 41-year old male ironman athlete complaining of insidious constant penis pain 12–24h after long distance cycling and pain after sexual intercourse. A diagnosis of “cyclist syndrome” also known as

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