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Collaborative care for a patient with complex low back pain and long-term tobacco use: a case report

August 31, 2015

Few examples of interprofessional collaboration by chiropractors and other healthcare professionals are available. This case report describes an older adult with complex low back pain and longstanding tobacco use who received collaborative healthcare while enrolled in a clinical trial. This 65 year-old female retired office worker presented with chronic back pain. Imaging findings included disc

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Acute sciatica and progressive neurological deficit secondary to facet synovial cysts: A report of two cases

May 30, 2014

Objective: To describe two patients with lumbar facet synovial cysts causing sciatica and progressive neurological deficit. Clinical Features: A 52-year-old female with bilateral sciatica and a neurological deficit that progressed to a foot drop; and a 54-year-old female with worsening sciatica and progressive calf weakness were seen at a major tertiary care centre. Diagnostic imaging

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