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Validity of palpation of the C1 transverse process: comparison with a radiographic reference standard

June 15, 2015

Objectives: Primary goal: to determine the validity of C1 transverse process (TVP) palpation compared to an imaging reference standard. Methods: Radiopaque markers were affixed to the skin at the putative location of the C1 TVPs in 21 participants receiving APOM radiographs. The radiographic vertical distances from the marker to the C1 TVP, mastoid process, and

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Unilateral facet subluxations: an example of a missed post-traumatic unilateral facet subluxation: a case report

July 04, 2014

Unilateral facet injuries occur in 4-16% of patients with cervical spine injuries, (of which unilateral facet subluxations occur as a subgroup in this population). These injuries arise in motor vehicle accidents because of flexion-distraction forces, or flexion of an already rotated head. Due to the common presentation of a lack of neurological signs and symptoms,

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