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spinal manipulative therapy

Lessons learned from cases of rib fractures after manual therapy: a case series to increase patient safety

May 14, 2020

Objective: To identify commonalities among cases of rib fractures after spinal manipulative therapy (SMT); discuss chiropractors’ case management perspectives; and propose strategies for prevention and/or management of future cases. Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with chiropractors who identified cases of rib fractures after SMT at a chiropractic institution’s teaching clinics. Patient characteristics, incident characteristics, and

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Neck pain in children: a retrospective case series

September 09, 2016

Introduction: Spinal pain in the paediatric population is a significant health issue, with an increasing prevalence as they age. Paediatric patients attend for chiropractor care for spinal pain, yet, there is a paucity of quality evidence to guide the practitioner with respect to appropriate care planning. Methods: A retrospective chart review was used to describe

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Biomechanical studies of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT): quantifying the movements of vertebral bodies during SMT

July 14, 2014

The relative movements between vertebral bodies T10 and T11, and T11 and T12 were measured during clinical-type SMTs to T11 in unembalmed post-rigor human cadavers, using embedded stainless steel bone pins and high speed cinematography. Significant relative movements between target and adjacent vertebrae occurred primarily in sagittal and axial rotation during the thrust phases of

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