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stress fracture

Pubic stress fracture presenting as a strain of adductor longus in a 16-year-old elite soccer player with Crohn’s disease: a case report

January 10, 2020

Background: Adductor strains are the most commonly reported muscle injuries in adolescent soccer players and the second most common muscle injuries in adult players. Health practitioners should be aware of possible differential diagnoses, such as a pubic stress fracture or pubic apophysitis when athletes present with chronic groin pain. Purpose: To present a rare case

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Golf-related stress fractures: a structured review of the literature

June 13, 2014

Background: Stress fractures are troublesome injuries. Sites of occurrence are activity-related and specific anatomical sites are endemic to certain sports. Little is known about stress fracture patterns in golf. Objective: A structured review of the literature was conducted to identify the occurrence and injury sites of golf-related stress fractures. Methods: A literature search of MEDLINE,

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