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symphysis pubis

Chiropractic management of postpartum pubic symphysis diastasis: A case report

March 01, 2015

This case report describes the chiropractic management of a 30-year-old female patient with severe postpartum pelvic pain secondary to pubic symphysis diastasis. No literature was found on the chiropractic management of postpartum symphysis pubis diastasis. The existing literature concerning chiropractic care for symphysis pubis dysfunction during pregnancy is limited and indicates a potential benefit. Separation of the pubic symphysis may include ligamentous injury

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Osteitis pubis: a clinical challenge

August 12, 2014

Mechanical pain in the region of the groin poses an interesting and at times confusing clinical dilemma. This is especially true for osteitis pubis, an inflammatory condition affecting the symphysis pubis. Recently it has been recognized as a potential source of pain in athletes. In this report, we will review the typical presentation of osteitis

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