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tennis elbow

Impairment assessment of lateral epicondylitis through electromyography and dynamometry

June 06, 2014

Objectives: To investigate changes in muscular activity and strength of subjects diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis (LE). To assess the appropriateness of these measures in the patient’s follow-up. Methods: Twenty-four subjects (11 men and 13 women) with LE, were evaluated at baseline and after 5 weeks of an experimental treatment. Measurements included: the (1) pain-free grip

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Two cases of work-related lateral epicondylopathy treated with Graston Technique® and conservative rehabilitation

May 30, 2014

Objective: To chronicle the conservative treatment and management of two work-related cases of lateral elbow pain diagnosed as lateral epicondylopathy. Clinical features: Patient 1: A 48-year old female presented with gradual onset of right lateral elbow pain over the course of six weeks related to work activities of repetitive flexion/extension movements of the wrist and

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