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Evaluating the feasibility of using online software to collect patient information in a chiropractic practice-based research network

March 14, 2016

Background: Practice based research networks (PBRNs) are increasingly used as a tool for evidence based practice. We developed and tested the feasibility of using software to enable online collection of patient data within a chiropractic PBRN to support clinical decision making and research in participating clinics. Purpose: To assess the feasibility of using online software

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Pressure algometry and tissue compliance measures in the treatment of chronic headache by spinal manipulation: a single case/sin

August 12, 2014

A single-case study of chronic bilateral headache is presented with data provided on pressure algometry, visual analogue scale (VAS), and tissue compliance assessment, the former two measured pre-and-post-manipulation. Pre-treatment recordings demonstrated correlation of findings of joint and muscle dysfunction in the upper cervical spine in this headache sufferer. Post-treatment recordings demonstrated improvements not only in

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Neck pain and disability outcomes following chiropractic upper cervical care: a retrospective case series

June 19, 2014

Objective: To investigate the use of an upper cervical low-force (UCLF) chiropractic procedure, based on a vertebral alignment model, in the management of neck pain and disability by assessing the impact on valid patient outcome measures. Design: A retrospective case series. Methods: Consecutive patient files at a private chiropractic practice over a 1-year period were

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Conservative management of idiopathic anterior atlantoaxial subluxation without neurological deficits in an 83-year-old female: A case report

May 07, 2014

Atlantoaxial subluxation that is not related to traumatic, congenital, or rheumatological conditions is rare and can be a diagnostic challenge. This case report details a case of anterior atlantoaxial subluxation in an 83-year-old female without history of trauma, congenital, or rheumatological conditions. She presented to the chiropractor with insidious neck pain and headaches, without neurological

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