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whole body vibration

Effect of whole body vibration on cervical (neck) proprioception in young, healthy individuals serving as their own control: a pilot study

May 25, 2018

Objective: The objective of this pilot study is to determine the effects of whole body vibration on head repositioning accuracy. Methods: Twenty-one participants had a bicycle helmet with an attached laser pointer placed on their heads while standing on a vibration platform. After aligning the laser beam to their determined neutral position on wall-mounted chart

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Whole body vibration and cerebral palsy: a systematic review

August 31, 2015

Purpose: The goal of this review is to evaluate the effects of whole body vibration on outcomes in patients with cerebral palsy. The findings in this review may help clinicians make evidence informed decisions on the use of whole body vibration for cerebral palsy. Methods: A systematic search was conducted on April 29, 2014. The

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