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5 conseils pour améliorer la qualité du sommeil de votre enfant

Nous faisons tout pour inculquer à nos enfants de bonnes habitudes d’hygiène personnelle, comme se brosser les dents et se laver. Par contre, nous ne portons peut-être pas autant d’attention à leurs habitudes de sommeil. Comme adultes, nous sommes conscients des bienfaits d’une bonne nuit de sommeil pour nous-mêmes et voulons les mêmes pour nos

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Conservative management of posterior ankle impingement: a case report

Objective: To describe the pain and functional improvements of a patient with posterior ankle impingement following a treatment plan incorporating soft tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustment and a progressive rehabilitation program. Clinical Features: A 37-year- old male presented with posterolateral ankle pain exacerbated by plantar flexion two weeks after sustaining an inversion ankle sprain. Oedema was present and the patient was describing a sensation

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The use of spinal manipulation to treat an acute on field athletic injury: a case report

This case describes the utilization of spinal manipulative therapy for an acute athletic injury during a Taekwondo competition. During the tournament, an athlete had a sudden, non-traumatic, ballistic movement of the cervical spine. This resulted in the patient having a locked cervical spine with limited active motion in all directions. The attending chiropractor assessed the athlete, and deemed manipulation was appropriate. After the

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Primary spontaneous pneumothorax presenting to a chiropractic clinic as undifferentiated thoracic spine pain: a case report

Objective: To present a case of primary spontaneous pneumothorax presenting to a chiropractic clinic as undifferentiated thoracic spine pain. Clinical Features: A tall thin 25-year-old male anxiously presented to a chiropractic clinic with six days of sudden unexplained left thorax pain. His breathing was laboured and his dry cough aggravating. After assessment a high clinical suspicion of primary spontaneous pneumothorax prevailed.

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Benign sacrococcygeal teratoma incidentally found on routine scoliosis radiographs in a 12-year-old female: a case report

Objective: To describe the imaging characteristics of sacrococcygeal teratomas and to review appropriate diagnostic evaluation and management. Clinical Features: 12-year-old otherwise healthy, asymptomatic female with an incidental pelvic mass found on routine scoliosis radiographs. Intervention and Outcome: The pelvic mass was further evaluated by MRI and CT scan. Management consisted of successful surgical resection with no postoperative complications. Pathology confirmed a

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