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Multiple seizure-induced thoracic vertebral compression fractures: a case report

Background: Musculoskeletal injuries stemming from forceful muscular contractions during seizures have been documented in the literature. Reports of multiple seizureinduced spinal fractures, in the absence of external trauma and without risk factors for fracture, are rare. Case Presentation: A 28-year-old male, newly diagnosed with epilepsy, presented to a chiropractic clinic with the complaint of mid-thoracic

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A rare cause of chronic elbow pain in an adolescent baseball player: a case report

Objective: To present a case of chronic elbow pain as a result of a hidden underlying osteochondral defect. Clinical Features: A 17-year old baseball player presented with chronic lateral elbow pain. Examination revealed swelling of the elbow with signs of possible ligament, muscle, and tendon injury. Diagnosis and Treatment: Although there was apparent soft-tissue injury,

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5 conseils pour améliorer la qualité du sommeil de votre enfant

Nous faisons tout pour inculquer à nos enfants de bonnes habitudes d’hygiène personnelle, comme se brosser les dents et se laver. Par contre, nous ne portons peut-être pas autant d’attention à leurs habitudes de sommeil. Comme adultes, nous sommes conscients des bienfaits d’une bonne nuit de sommeil pour nous-mêmes et voulons les mêmes pour nos

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Conservative management of posterior ankle impingement: a case report

Objective: To describe the pain and functional improvements of a patient with posterior ankle impingement following a treatment plan incorporating soft tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustment and a progressive rehabilitation program. Clinical Features: A 37-year- old male presented with posterolateral ankle pain exacerbated by plantar flexion two weeks after sustaining an inversion ankle sprain. Oedema was present and the patient was describing a sensation

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The use of spinal manipulation to treat an acute on field athletic injury: a case report

This case describes the utilization of spinal manipulative therapy for an acute athletic injury during a Taekwondo competition. During the tournament, an athlete had a sudden, non-traumatic, ballistic movement of the cervical spine. This resulted in the patient having a locked cervical spine with limited active motion in all directions. The attending chiropractor assessed the athlete, and deemed manipulation was appropriate. After the

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