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About Us

About Us - CPG KT - CCA

Our vision

To enhance the health of Canadians by fostering excellence in chiropractic care.

Our mission

To develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and best practice recommendations, and facilitate their dissemination and implementation within the chiropractic profession.

Our strategic goals

  • Transforming the culture of the chiropractic profession to one that is guided by evidence-informed practice;
  • Producing, adapting or endorsing recommendations relevant to chiropractic practice to enhance patient care, based on the best available evidence;
  • Creating and applying innovative knowledge translation strategies to influence chiropractic practice;
  • Engaging stakeholders to assist in disseminating best practices to their members
Download this infographic to find out more about the value CCGI brings to patients, clinicians, researchers, students, regulators, associations and the chiropractic profession as a whole.

Watch this Prezi to hear our collaborators talk about the value of CCGI

Download the CCGI 5-year report (April 2018)

What is evidence-informed practice? “…the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values” (Sackett et al. Evidence based medicine: what it is and what it isn’t. BMJ 1996;312:71)

What is the evidence-informed practice statement? ‘Canadian chiropractors adopt evidence-informed practice principles to guide clinical decision-making by integrating their clinical expertise, patient preference and values and the best available scientific evidence’. The statement has been adopted by 9 Canadian chiropractic provincial associations and regulatory boards (May 2018).

What are clinical practice guidelines? “Statements that include recommendations intended to optimize patient care that are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options” (Institute of Medicine. Clinical Practice Guidelines we can trust. Report Brief 2011)

What are guidelines for? Clinical Practice guidelines are documents aimed to guide decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare.

What is the scope of CCGI? The scope of the CCGI is limited to conditions including adult spinal and extremity disorders, headache, pediatric conditions (scoliosis), and pre-specified objectives (e.g., assessment and/or treatment of low back pain). Studies on musculoskeletal disorders that resulted from destructive and progressive pathologies affecting the spine are excluded. However, diagnostic and assessment studies related to ruling out fractures and dislocations and other pathologies are included in the scope of the CCGI.

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CCGI is funded by provincial associations and regulatory boards, and national associations including the Canadian Chiropractic Association and Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association.

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