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Best practice collaborators


In April 2016, CCGI opinion leaders were joined by a new team of CCGI best practice collaborators. These are influential evidence-informed clinicians recently nominated by their colleagues in a nationwide survey. They are assisting opinion leaders in their area with reaching out to other chiropractors and teaching them about critical thinking, proper interpretation of evidence-informed clinical practice guidelines, and evidence-informed practice in general.

CCGI is delighted to have them on board and looks forward to collaborating with them to take best practices forwards in Canada.

Roles and activities of CCGI Best Practice Collaborators

  • understanding how clinical practice guidelines are developed;
  • discussing best practices and guidelines with colleagues;
  • having a presence on social media to raise awareness of resources on evidence-informed practice;
  • encouraging clinicians and patients to use the CCGI website and resources;
  • making presentations on evidence-informed practice at continuing education events and conferences in collaboration with their local opinion leader team.

Find a CCGI best practice collaborator in your province:


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