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Opinion Leaders

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CCGI Opinion Leaders Training Day, February 2015

15 Opinion Leaders from across Canada are now assisting CCGI in the dissemination and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and best practice. Their role includes:

  • championing the implementation of best practice in the chiropractic profession in Canada;
  • communicating with policy makers, health providers and colleagues regarding key guideline recommendations;
  • creating networks to promote guideline dissemination;
  • encouraging clinicians and patients to use the CCGI website and resources;
  • making presentations on evidence-informed practice at continuing education events and conferences;
  • adapting effective knowledge translation strategies within their local context and setting;
  • integrating evidence-informed practice into teaching.

We are delighted that these respected and influential leaders are working with us and we are confident that they will be able to partner effectively towards transforming the chiropractic profession toward evidence-informed practice.

In April 2016, CCGI opinion leaders were joined by a new team of over 100 CCGI best practice collaborators. These are influential evidence-informed clinicians recently nominated by their colleagues in a nationwide survey. They are assisting opinion leaders with reaching out to other chiropractors and teaching them about critical thinking, proper interpretation of evidence-informed clinical practice guidelines, and EIP in general. We are delighted to have them on board and look forward to collaborating with them.

You can download the poster on how we selected and trained the CCGI Opinion Leaders and the article here.

Find your local opinion leader here:

 Name Affiliation  Province
Philip Conway, BPE, DC, FCCPOR(C) Calgary Back and Sports Injury Clinic & Calgary Runner’s clinic, Clinic Director AB Learn More
Dave Linford, BSc, DC ACAC, Vice President, Private Practice AB Learn More
Clark Mills, DC ACAC, Past President AB Learn More 
Jeffrey Quon, DC, MHSc, PhD, FCCS (C) University of British Columbia, and International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries BC Learn More 
Greg Stewart, DC, BPE, FCCA WFC, Past President MB Learn More 
Daniel Comeau, DC, BSc Private Practice NB Learn More 
Norm Skjonsberg, DC NBCA, President NB Learn More
Debbie Brake-Patten, BSc, DC, MEd Private Practice NL Learn More
Darrell Wade, DC NLCA, Executive Director NL Learn More 
Katherine MacAdam, BScKin, DC, MSc CNSCC, Vice-President NS Learn More
Ayla Azad, DC, BSc CMCC; OCA, President ON Learn More 
Shawn Thistle, DC, BKin, ART, CSCS, FR CMCC, RRS Education ON Learn More 
Anthony Tibbles, DC, BSc (Hons), FCCS (C) CMCC ON Learn More 
David Whitty, DC, BSc, MEd PEICA, President PEI Learn More 
Danica Brousseau, DC, BSc, MSc UQTR, OCQ (CE) QC Learn More 
Blaine Broker, DC, FCCPOR (C) Private Practice SK Learn More


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