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To learn more about guidelines for the care of patients with musculoskeletal disorders, and resources for practitioners, see below.

Podcasts, videos and webinars

CCGI podcasts

Tune in every two weeks to hear CCGI knowledge brokers, Dr. Kent Stuber and Dr. Gaelan Connell with their invited guests discussing topics that are important to chiropractors in Canada.

Chiropractic Science podcasts

  • EBP and Literature Searching for the Busy Chiropractor: Learn the basics about Evidence Based Practice for chiropractors and some quick strategies to search the scientific literature regarding chiropractic with Dr. Dean Smith. Watch in HD for the best viewing experience.
  • Click here to listen to a podcast by Dr. André Bussières DC, PhD on chiropractic research utilization and knowledge translation. This podcast also provides an excellent introduction to the work of the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative.
  • Click here to listen to a recent podcast by Dr. Jan Hartvigsen DC, PhD on evidence-based practice. Dr. Hartvigsen is a member of the CCGI Guideline Advisory Committee and is Full Professor and Head of Research at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the Faculty of Health, University of Southern Denmark (SDU).
  • Other podcast interviews with researchers can be found on the Chiropractic Science website.

Videos and audio supporting self-management and lifestyle changes

  • Brief Action Planning (BAP) is a structured, stepped-care, self-management support technique grounded in the principles and practice of Motivational Interviewing and behaviour change theory and research.
  • Doc Mike Evans video series: Created by Dr. Mike Evans (Health Design Lab) and developed in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Practice and the Institute for Work & Health, these videos helps increase awareness of self-management tools and techniques.
  • Promoting patient's health literacy: creates a more collaborative care environment, one that empowers patients to have greater agency in, and control over their own care decisions. Health literacy is their ability to read, understand and use health care information to make informed decisions and modify behaviours that affect their personal healthcare needs.

Videos on evidence-based practice and knowledge translation

CIRPD Chronic Pain Webinar Series

The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability offers free webinars on chronic pain throughout the year. Visit their website to find out more about this useful resource for patients and families.



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