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Ulnar Impaction Syndrome: A case series investigating the appropriate diagnosis, management, and post-operative considerations

December 01, 2014

Ulnar sided wrist pain is a common site for upper extremity disability. Ulnar impaction syndrome results in a spectrum of triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injuries and associated lunate, triquetrum, and ligamentous damage. Patients commonly present with insidious ulnar sided wrist pain and clicking, and a history of trauma or repetitive axial loading and rotation. In this case series, three patients presented to a

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Jurisprudence and business management course content taught at accredited chiropractic colleges: A comparative audit

June 13, 2014

Introduction: the purpose of this study was to conduct a comparative audit of the jurisprudence and business management courses offered at a number of different accredited chiropractic colleges. Methods: Faculty members responsible for teaching students jurisprudence and/or business management courses at a number of accredited colleges were contacted and asked to electronically submit their course

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Sports-related concussion: A narrative review of the literature

May 23, 2014

Sports-related concussion has gained widespread interest and media attention in recent years due to the potential dangers and long-term consequences. Despite several international consensus statements there remains a great deal of uncertainty surrounding these injuries. This paper is a review of recent literature on the topic of concussion, consisting of: biomechanics, pathophysiology, diagnosis and sideline

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