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musculoskeletal manipulations

A pilot study of the effects of suboccipital fascial release on cortisol levels in workers in the clothing industry – randomized clinical trial

September 10, 2020

Introduction: Repetitive and time sensitive demands of clothing workers has been associated with higher salivary cortisol levels that may reflect the stress experienced by the worker. Objective: This trial evaluates if suboccipital fascial release (SFR) is associated with reduced salivary cortisol levels. Methods: Randomized controlled trial with 40 workers, divided into: untreated group (UG, n

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Manual therapy and ear pain: a report of four cases

June 10, 2014

Purpose: To report and discuss four cases of ear pain which were treated successfully with manual therapy. Methods: Report of four cases. Results: Four patients with ear pain were referred for chiropractic consult. They were all treated with a combination of manual therapy and exercise with resolution of their ear symptoms. Conclusions: The mechanism of

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