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Nutritional intervention for cancer minimization

August 15, 2014

Diet has been linked to the pathogenesis of one in three cancers. Cancer remains a leading cause of death in contemporary society. Alteration to dietary habits may be helpful in reducing an individual’s risk of neoplasia. This paper examines how nutritional advice may be used as a cancer preventive measure in chiropractic clinics. (JCCA 1987;

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Maintenance care: towards a global description

July 02, 2014

Objective: To describe and compare maintenance care as practised in the United States and Australia. Design: Postal surveys of randomly selected samples of American and Australian chiropractors was undertaken. Results: Six hundred and fifty eight American (44%) and 138 Australian (35%) chiropractors returned completed questionnaires. Maintenance care is perceived to reduce recurrences, to maintain optimal

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Baseline knowledge on vehicle safety and head restraints among Fleet Managers in British Columbia Canada: a pilot study

June 06, 2014

Background: Whiplash is the most common injury type arising from motor vehicle collisions, often leading to long-term suffering and disability. Prevention of such injuries is possible through the use of appropriate, correctly positioned, vehicular head restraints. Objective: To survey the awareness and knowledge level of vehicle fleet managers in the province of British Columbia, Canada,

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Addressing the risk factors and prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in young athletes: a case report

May 07, 2014

Background: Mandatory prescreening for the identification of risk factors and prevention of sudden cardiac death (SCD) is a widely debated topic within academic literature. In addition, the effective emergency management of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) has reported lower survival outcomes (9% with bystander CPR, 24% with AED application) although improvements, such as strategic placements of

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