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Evidence-based prognostication in a case of sciatica

March 01, 2015

Objective: To present an evidence-based case report on the prognosis of a patient with sciatica. Case: A 43-year-old man presented with right-sided buttock and lower extremity pain and numbness of 10 weeks’ duration. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a lumbosacral disc herniation. Straight leg raise testing provoked the patient’s right sciatic pain, and neurologic examination revealed a diminished right Achilles tendon reflex and

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The horse that was a zebra: primary lymphoma of bone mimicking shoulder stain in an elderly male

July 04, 2014

Primary malignant tumours of the extremities are rarely seen in chiropractic clinics. A case is presented of an eighty year old male who had complained of pain in the right shoulder of several days duration. History and clinical examination were consistent with mechanical joint pain. Following an appropriate course of conservative care the patient continued

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