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The reliability and potential value of a specific ‘centre of pressure locator’ in chiropractic practice

July 03, 2014

This study assessed the reliability and potential value of a specific Centre of Pressure Locator (COPL) for the initial diagnosis of spinal mal-alignments and for the measurement of change in weight distribution resulting from clinical intervention. Basic validation of the equipment with standard weights showed it to be very precise, reliable and accurate at noting

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Atypical Chest Pain in a Rehabilitation Setting: A Case Study

July 02, 2014

This case represents an individual who develops chest pain in a rehabilitation setting. It provides a description of possible assessments and investigations to screen for cardiovascular health. A thorough history and investigation can present a challenge in determining a definite diagnosis. Chiropractors who encounter patients in a rehabilitation program that develop chest pain must address

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Traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation: a case study of nonoperative management in a mixed martial arts athlete

June 13, 2014

Objective: To present an evidence-informed approach to the nonoperative management of a first-time, traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation. Clinical Features: A 30-year-old mixed martial arts athlete, with no prior shoulder injuries, presented one day following a first-time, traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation. An eight-week, individualized, intensive, nonoperative rehabilitation program was immediately begun upon presentation. Intervention and Outcome:

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Two cases of medial knee pain involving the medial coronary ligament in adolescents treated with conservative rehabilitation therapy

June 06, 2014

Objective: This case study chronicled the assessment, treatment and management of two adolescent patients presenting with acute knee pain, diagnosed as medial meniscus tear, with or without a medial collateral ligament sprain, with coronary ligament involvement. Cases: Patient 1: A 16 year old male football player presented with right medial knee pain of 2 days

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Utilization of Vascular Restriction Training in post-surgical knee rehabilitation: a case report and introduction to an under-reported training technique

June 03, 2014

Introduction: The objective of this paper is to introduce a new and reportedly safe training technique, utilizing a vascular restriction stimulus during low intensity rehabilitative exercise and provide a case example within a post-surgical rehabilitation scenario. A brief review of the most commonly reported mechanisms of action behind the purported success of the training stimulus

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