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thoracic spine

The examination of soft tissue compliance in the thoracic region for the development of a spinal manipulation training mannequin

June 16, 2015

Purpose: To determine if the soft tissue compliance of the thoracic paraspinal musculature differs based on and body type to help create a foam human analogue mannequin to assist in the training of spinal therapy. Methods: 54 volunteers were grouped based on their gender and body types. In the prone position, thoracic paraspinal soft tissue

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Skin rolling technique as an indicator of spinal joint dysfunction

August 12, 2014

The use of skin roll technique as an indicator of spinal joint dysfunction (fixations) has not previously been subjected to validity testing. This study was undertaken to determine the degree of correlation between the skin roll technique and spinal joint dysfunction in the thoracic spine. Twenty-five (25) subjects reported tenderness to a paraspinal skin roll

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