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vibration therapy

Suspected trigeminal nerve neuropathy causing persistent idiopathic facial pain: a report of four cases

September 06, 2019

Persistent idiopathic facial pain is often a disabling condition for patients. Due to a lack of agreed upon diagnostic criteria and varied symptomatology, the diagnosis of persistent idiopathic facial pain is elusive and remains one of exclusion. It is typically described as a unilateral, deep, poorly localized pain in the territory of the trigeminal nerve,

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Immediate changes in temporomandibular joint opening and pain following vibration therapy: a feasibility pilot study

December 02, 2014

Objective: The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the scientific and process feasibility in an effort to direct future larger trials. Methods: Scientific Feasibility: Twelve subjects were randomly allocated to an intervention and a control group. The intervention protocol consisted of intraoral vibration therapy on the muscles of mastication bilaterally for a period of 1 minute per muscle. Process Feasibility:

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