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Os odontoideum: A case report

Os odontoideum is an anomaly of the odontoid process and might be congenital or the result of trauma. Symptoms begin at any age, and the clinical presentation is variable. During radiological examination, it is often a chance finding in an unrelated problem, and just such a case is presented here. The patient presented with rheumatoid

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Tuberculous Spondylitis: a case report

A 21 year old oriental male presented with a one month history of neck pain associated with neck stiffness and dysphagia. A five week course of chiropractic treatment relieved most of his symptoms. Due to persistent tenderness in the suboccipital region and substantial weight loss, he was subsequently hospitialized. Further investigations revealed tuberculous osteomyelitis affecting

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Non-union (type II) odontoid fracture: A case report of a motor vehicle accident

A case report is presented of a young man injured in a motor vehicle accident who subsequently suffered neck and shoulder pain with no radiation. The pain, aggravated by motion and relieved by neck massage, had persisted for five months. Investigation by plain film radiographs, prior to treatment suggested an odontoid fracture. Tomographic radiographs revealed

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Primary benign bone tumors in chiropractic practice and the importance of x-ray diagnosis: A report of two cases

Two cases of primary benign bone tumors were diagnosed radiographically in a chiropractic practice. Although primary osseous tumors are somewhat uncommon, their potential presence emphasizes the importance of x-ray diagnosis as an essential adjunct to chiropractic practice. This procedure may preclude underlying lesions before considering treatment of seemingly uncomplicated injuries. Two such cases are presented:

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