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Hip and buttock pain due to occult pelvic fractures: a case report

Pelvic fractures are a relatively uncommon presentation to a chiropractic office. A case is presented of pelvic fractures following a motor vehicle accident that initially went undetected despite a set of lumbar spine and pelvic radiographs. The condition was only discovered when the patient continued to suffer hip and buttock pain that was not improving

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Nutrient canals of the ilium: a case report

The nutrient canals of bone are a frequent finding on skeletal radiographs. These canals may by misinterpreted as fracture lines especially in patients who present to a chiropractic office with a history of trauma. The case of a 22-year-old female with a nutrient canal in the ilium is briefly reviewed. (JCCA 1996; 40(2):79-81) Key Words:

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A case report of a congenital cleft of the anterior atlas arch: a rare variant of the atlas mimicking fracture

Congenital anterior midline clefts of the atlas are rare developmental anomalies with only a few reported cases in the literature. This normal variant of the atlas results when the anterior arch fails to fuse during the ossification process. Series of cadaveric dissections have demonstrated anterior midline atlas clefts in 0.1 -0.2% of the general population.

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