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Degenerative rotator cuff tear in an elderly athlete: a case report

The incidence of rotator cuff tear increases with age. Degenerative rotator cuff tears are commonly seen in athletes above 40 years. These athletes are commonly involved in overhead activities. Repetitive microtrauma is a more important factor in rotator cuff degeneration than acute trauma. Conservative treatment is the mainstay treatment for these injuries. A case report

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Unilateral facet subluxations: an example of a missed post-traumatic unilateral facet subluxation: a case report

Unilateral facet injuries occur in 4-16% of patients with cervical spine injuries, (of which unilateral facet subluxations occur as a subgroup in this population). These injuries arise in motor vehicle accidents because of flexion-distraction forces, or flexion of an already rotated head. Due to the common presentation of a lack of neurological signs and symptoms,

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Adverse effects potentially associated with the use of mechanical adjusting devices: a report of three cases

As the popularity of mechanical adjusting devices (MADs) increases within the chiropractic profession, it is evident that adverse effects associated with the provision of this intervention can occur. This paper describes three such cases, along with a discussion about their circumstances. The use of MADs may cause both direct and indirect complications for chiropractic patients.

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Thalamic Pain Syndrome (Central Post-Stroke Pain) in a patient presenting with right upper limb pain: a case report

In the elderly, pain of a widespread nature can often be debilitating. It is not uncommon to attribute this widespread pain to osteoarthritis within the spinal column structures and peripheral joints or to other musculoskeletal etiology. However, chiropractors should remain wary regarding pain experienced by the elderly, especially if pain is widespread and exhibits neuropathic

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