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Below is a collection of short videos demonstrating just some of the amazing research that is being undertaken by CCRF researchers across the country.

  • Dr. Greg Kawchuk – Spinal Measurement

    Dr. Greg Kawchuk DC, PhD is a researcher and associate professor at the University of Alberta who is investigating ways for clinicians to measure the function of the spine. By assigning a number or measurement to a patient’s spine problem, it is easier to track progress and treatment outcomes.

  • Dr. Jean-Sébastien Blouin – Smart Car Seat

    Can a car seat really help to protect you during a car crash?  Dr. Jean Sébastien Blouin DC, PhD is an associate professor at the University of British Columbia who is researching whiplash injuries.  Through his findings, his team is working to develop a smart car seat that can adjust to the forces of a car crash.

  • Dr. Mark Erwin – Spinal Disc Regeneration

    There may be a treatment coming down the pipe for patients with spinal cord and disc injuries thanks to groundbreaking research that is underway at the University of Toronto. Dr. Mark Erwin, Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) Professor in disc biology leads a team of researchers who are on a mission to unlock the regenerative properties of human intervertebral disc stem cells.

  • Dr. Steven Passmore – Measurement Movement

    Why do some people improve with certain therapies and others don’t? Researcher Dr. Steven Passmore from the University of Manitoba discusses how clinical trials are put together to help identify populations of people who will respond to one treatment or another and why.

  • Dr. Paul Bruno – Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy

    Could your next prescription be for… exercise?!  Dr. Paul Bruno is a researcher at the University of Regina who is studying body movements through motion capture technology to help practitioners develop customized exercise therapy solutions for their patients.

  • Dr. John Srbely – Core Muscles and Balance

    Strengthening your core could be one way to fight off chronic back pain.  Dr. John Srbely DC, PhD is a researcher from the University of Guelph who is studying abdominal muscles and their relationship to balance and posture.

  • Dr. Carlo Ammendolia – Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp

    Spinal stenosis is one of the most common causes of disability and loss of independence in older adults. Through his research, Dr. Carlo Ammendolia has developed a clinical treatment and exercise program dubbed “Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp” which aims to give these individuals greater range of motion and decrease symptoms.

  • Dr. Jason Busse – Next Steps in Diagnosis

    How do patient attitudes and beliefs factor into recovery outcomes?  Dr. Jason Busse, researcher at McMaster University discusses some of the studies that are underway to help better understand how these variables come into play.

  • Dr. André Bussières – Evidence Practice Gap

    How do we take research from our universities and transfer it to everyday practice?  Dr. André Bussières and his team are developing Clinical Practice Guidelines to help practitioners in the field to utilize the best evidence based practices.

  • Dr. Greg Kawchuk – Flight Simulator Technology

    How can a flight simulator help to uncover causes and treatments for back pain?  Dr. Greg Kawchuk is a researcher at the University of Alberta who is using this technology to assist in breaking down the mechanics of how patients with back pain move and how they can move more effectively.

  • Dr. Carlo Ammendolia – Ankylosing Spondylitis Protocols

    Dr. Carlo Ammendolia is conducting research into how chiropractic care can benefit patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis, enabling them to have greater range of movement and better quality of life.

  • Dr. Allan Gotlib – Mission of the CCRF

    Chiropractic research in Canada would not be what it is today without the tireless efforts of Executive Vice President, Dr. Allan Gotlib.  Thanks to his work through the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation, many public universities across the country are home to a chiropractic research chair or professorship and generate credible scientific research that ultimately benefits health care for all Canadians.

  • Dr. Jason Busse – Attitudes with Treating Back Pain

    Dr. Jason Busse, Chiropractic Research Chair at McMaster University is conducting research into ways to improve medical assessments for low back pain and create greater efficiency when determining the most appropriate course of care.

  • Dr. Jean-Sébastien Blouin – Standing Balance

    Many of us take our balance for granted, but for those with health conditions that impair balance, it can be a real struggle.  Dr. Jean-Sébastien Blouin is conducting research at the University of British Columbia to help uncover the mechanisms of balance in healthy individuals so that treatment protocols can be developed for patients with balance deficits.

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