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Who We Are

The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) was established in 1976, and is Canada’s oldest, national chiropractic funding body.     

The CCRF Board of Directors is made up of elected representatives from across Canada.

The organization is funded by chiropractic provincial associations, the CCA, foundation memberships, and ongoing fundraising events.

Research Chair Program

Over the past decade, the CCRF set-off on a revolutionary path for our profession. Under the direction of Dr. Allan Gotlib, the CCRF successfully established 19 chiropractic researchers in universities across Canada, 8 of which are tenured or tenure-track. Previously, less than 1% of the chiropractic profession was actively engaged in full-time health research. Establishing chiropractic researchers within universities was a game changer for our profession.

This esteemed achievement earned Dr. Gotlib an appointment as member of the Order of Canada. And today, our talented Canadian researchers are working around the globe, publishing 100’s of research papers, and receiving 100’s of National and International Research Awards and Honours. 

CCRF Future

Moving into 2017, the CCRF is working towards the establishment of national research priorities. By establishing national research priorities, we can allow our researchers to study areas with the greatest impact on Canadian patient care, propelling our profession further towards integration and acceptance within Canada’s healthcare system.

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