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In 1995, the Canadian Chiropractic Association led a pivotal Task Force on Chiropractic Research in Canada to support the development of a true research culture and dramatically expand the profession’s research capacity.

In the programming sections, you will read about the rapid and sustained growth of the profession’s research portfolio.

Our programming has fostered a true research culture in the profession and provided a mechanism for new knowledge and new capacity to be integrated into both the health research system and the healthcare system in Canada – all to the benefit of Canadians and their health.

Research News

Highlights the inspiring advances our researchers have accomplished, from defending their doctoral thesis to winning prestigious competitive grants and awards from our Federal and provincial funding agencies such as CIHR and the Arthritis Society.

Research Chairs

A vibrant research culture today includes many university-based chiropractic research chairs and professorships across the country in almost every province. In the past, where little research capacity existed, the profession today in Canada boasts world-class researchers at Canada’s most prestigious universities and is armed with academic expertise in neurophysiology, epidemiology, biomechanics, and cellular/molecular biology.

Journal of the CCA

A world-class scientific journal where you can read about our growing expertise in musculoskeletal health. The June 2014 issue was a special issue on spine neuromuscular control and the December issue showcases our sports chiropractic fellows.

Research Bulletin

A biannual bulletin keeps our members and stakeholders apprised of colleagues who have completed advanced Master degrees and Doctoral research training. By investing in people the CCA has created the extraordinary opportunity for many chiropractors to pursue a full-time career in research and obtain their PhDs and secure the training and expertise required to advance our profession. Today, in Canada, there are 30 DC-PhDs in active full-time research and a further 19 DC-PhD candidates are currently training in university-based PhD programs across Canada.

Research Consortium

This consortium of distinguished chiropractic researchers at 25 different universities holds a Scientific Research Symposium every two years. This consortium brings tremendous credibility and expertise to our profession as it focuses on innovative, state-of-the-art research developments, cross-disciplinary relationships and new perspectives on improving the health of Canadians.

Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation

Our Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) has been granting research funds for worthy chiropractic projects since 1976. The CCRF is dedicated to facilitating clinical, biomedical, health services, and population health research relative to the practice of chiropractic in order to mitigate the burdens of health, disease, illness, injury and disability that so many Canadians needlessly endure.

Guidelines & Best Practice

Read about the profession’s strategic focus on Guidelines & Best Practice and their uptake by our 7,000 plus clinicians in everyday practice to improve the health of Canadians in accordance with the best evidence.


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