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Sacroiliac joint pain due to bacterial infection: a report of two cases

Isolated infection of the sacroiliac joint is a rare cause of low back pain. Delayed diagnosis can result in significant morbidity. The diagnosis may be missed initially if physicians do not consider the possibility of infection. The clinical index of suspicion should increase in the presence of certain historical and examination findings. These include intravenous

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Trauma induced osteonecrosis of the hip: a case report

A chronic case of lower back pain in a young female is presented. A number of conditions can lead to back pain. This article discusses the sequelae of osteonecrosis of the hip and how it resulted in a leg length discrepancy leading to altered lumbo-pelvic biomechanics and its genesis of lower back pain. Diagnostic imaging

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Hereditary multiple exostoses: a case report

Hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) is a dominantly inherited skeletal disorder which alters enchondral bone during growth and is characterized by exostoses of the juxta-epiphyseal regions. These exostoses are benign cartilaginous neoplasms that consist of a pedicle of normal bone covered with proliferating cartilage cells. Pathologic, clinical, and radiographic findings are discussed and a case of

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The reliability and validity of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board examinations: a nine year longitudinal study (1987 -1995) of their psychometric properties

Data derived from the administration of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB) examinations for a nine year period, 1987- 1995, were used to evaluate the reliability and validity of the subject tests: anatomy, chemistry, chiropractic practice, diagnosis and symptomatology, microbiology and public health, neurology, pathology, physiology, and x-ray interpretation and physics. Nearly two-thousand candidates from

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