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Our opening and closing keynote presenters are Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications and ‘Dragon’ on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den and John Herdman, Head Coach of the Canadian Senior Women’s National Soccer Team and Analyst for CBC Sports: World Cup. Chiropractic keynotes are being presented by Dr. Greg Kawchuk, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, and three panels moderated by Dr. Anthony Tibbles, Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Sil Mior.

Arlene DickinsonArlene

CEO of Venture Communications | “Dragon” on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den
Lessons from the Den: Succeeding at Business and Being an Entrepreneur

In this talk, one of Canada’s most high profile business women distills a lifetime of experience to reveal everything you need to know—and do—to start, to run, and to grow a great business. (A customized clip from the hit show Dragons’ Den provides buzz; though that’s just a starting point.)

On stage, as on the small screen, Dickinson displays a palpable and infectious belief in the entrepreneurial spirit; she reminds us of the major contributions Canadians have made to international business and the entrepreneurial tradition.

Leadership and Strategic Marketing

“Like laying bricks to build a house, each dollar you spend on marketing should measurably build your business.” Marketing plays a fundamental role in all businesses—yet it is seldom held accountable the way other departments are.

A superstar marketer driven by corporate objectives, Arlene Dickinson shows us why marketing must be a top concern of leadership, and why creativity and accountability must go hand in hand. Otherwise, why bother with marketing at all?

Dickinson, as she does weekly on Dragons’ Den, will help decision-makers grasp the essential strategic function of marketing in an insightful, accessible and frank talk, anchored squarely to the bottom line.

Don’t Slash Your Marketing Budget! (Not Now, Not Ever)

The marketing guru on Dragons’ Den, Arlene Dickinson shows us why the best companies don’t stop marketing during a recession. With striking examples, and peerless business sense, she shows you how to leverage your marketing through the tough times—in order to come out ahead when the good times return.

Marketing Yourself

Success is often taken for granted; few stop to think about where it came from, what shaped it, what trials were involved. In this refreshing business talk, Dickinson tells her story, providing a rare look into the making of one of Canada’s most powerful business women.

Brimming with lessons in self-doubt and self-confidence, this refreshing talk is underscored by modesty, grit, and enormous heart.

JohnJohn Herdman

Head Coach of the Canadian Senior Women’s National Soccer Team | Analyst, CBC Sports: World Cup


In 2011, Canada’s national women’s soccer team went into the World Cup expecting to win the country’s first medal at the sport’s highest level. Winning the tournament was thought to be a distinct possibility. Four days into the event, Canada’s hopes were in tatters. Team leader Christine Sinclair – one of the finest athletes ever to grace a soccer pitch – was battered; her nose broken, her spirit sapped by her team’s lifeless performance when it mattered most.

Recriminations were instantaneous. The head coach resigned, and the Canadian Soccer Association looked for new hope. John Herdman, then the director of Football Development in New Zealand, was lured to Canada, tasked with raising the team’s game to the level of world powerhouses. He had just nine months to do it before the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London.

What happened next is the stuff of legend: Herdman taught a group who had ceased believing in themselves how to envisage – and achieve – success, journeying from “also-rans” to the 2012 Olympic podium.

In this riveting presentation, Herdman shares his performance-improvement philosophies , including leadership and motivation, going outside one’s comfort zone, reaching for the top, and, most importantly, crafting and leading a high-performance culture. Providing instantly useable takeaways, including visualization techniques and goal setting strategies, Herdman’s talk is guaranteed to inspire and transform.

Additional Topics:

  • Leading Change in Coaching
  • Creating a “Leader-full” Team
  • Creating a Model for Elite Player Development
  • Leading Change in Team Sports
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