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World Spine Day 2020

Canadians have adjusted to the pandemic

Let chiropractors help you get Back on Track

Spinal pain is the biggest cause of disability on the planet. Now, the lockdowns arising from the pandemic have decreased physical activity while increasing spine, muscle and nervous system pain. This has added to the heavy burden of musculoskeletal conditions Canadians already experience.

World Spine Day 2020 – Get Back on Track by Returning to Care

World Spine Day 2020 is October 16 and the theme this year is Back on Track. The CCA is carrying out a digital and social media campaign until the end of 2020 to encourage patients to return to their chiropractor – or to see one for the first time.

Because pain changes everything – and chiropractic care changes pain.

Chiropractors are adding safety measures — enhanced cleaning, screening and spacing of appointments —to put patients first and get them back on track with chiropractic care.

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Neck, back and migraine pain have not gone away over these months. You can change that. Chiropractors can help, keeping you safe so you can live the active, healthy life you want.


Find a Chiro today and learn how they can help you.

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